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Windows 10 How to remove an e-mail address from my laptop pc


New Member
Jun 25, 2021
I can't log into my e-mail address on my laptop because I let my wife enter her e-mail on my pc to use it. She did this because she couldn't perform some important functions on her phone. The pc 's OS is Windows 10 Pro and the browser is Firefox
You'd need to be more specific. Where is the email showing? Windows logon, browser, mail client etc.
As above. Is it actually email you're trying to get to. i.e. Are you trying to read your emails in a web browser. Like Gmail. Or an email client, like Outlook or Thunderbird?
Or are you entering your email address as a username to log into your computer. What happens when you try to type your own email address into whatever it is? Or is it logged into something - using your wife's address- that you need to log out of first?