How do I create three accounts in Windows


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Jan 17, 2023
I want to have three accounts on my Windows / PC
No authority on the first and second accounts, only users according to my own preferences
The third account must be an admin and have full authority
Thank you for your help to explain or have a video
Lots of ways to do so. I am partial to scripted approach.

From an elevated Powershell prompt it's as simple as
New-LocalUser -Name <accountname> it will then prompt for a password and done. Rinse and repeat for each account.

All the accounts by default will be members of the Users group. To add the single account to the adminstrators group
Add-LocalGroupMember -Group Administrators -Member <accountname>
Thank you for the reply
Can you send me an explanation or tutorial
I have ideas but I want to get a head start on how to get started
I want to put control over user accounts on PC
Have you read this: Create a local user or administrator account in Windows - Microsoft Support

You usually really should not make a non-educated user to be Administrators, Let hem have a REGULAR user-account for safety reasons
(As long as the PC har a SEPARATE Administrators-account, the regular user may simply type the password of the Administrators account in the UAC-prompt, to install software or change configurations etc.. So try to keep the Admin-accounts password a secret!)
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