How do I get my Hyper-V set up back?


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Jan 9, 2010
How do I get my Hyper-V set up back?

I set up a couple of vitrual machines using Hyper-V. There seemed to be some memory and resource issues. So I closed down the virtual machines and Hyper-V and then I ran malwarebytes, ccleaner, and avg to clean up my system. I uninstalled a few programs that I determined I did not need. Then I also disabled some programs that run on start up.

There must have been something, within the scope of all of this, that something was done to make Hyper-V behave differently. And this is why I am posting this. The data in which the virtual machines ran on must still exist on my hard drive and I should be able to load it again.

At this time, when I type to launch hyper-v, I am given the opportunity to launch "Hyper-V Manager". The program loads with no virtual machines listen. It's title bar says "Console1 - [Console Root]" amd "Console Root is listed as a folder. How do I set things back to the way they were? What are your thoughts? Please help.

As long as the VMs have not been deleted you can just re add them.