Windows 8 How do I show the onscreen keyboard in a full screen game?


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Mar 29, 2011
I have the game Hoyle Card Games running on a tablet with Windows 8. When the game starts, it opens in a full screen graphical layout and asks for a username, but I don't know how to get the keyboard up to type my name.

is there a way to get the keyboard to show while in the game?
I can only assume that, that might depend on the game's ability to make API calls to the host OS to evoke the On Screen Keyboard (osk.exe)
Generally you can type osk.exe from any number of places from within the OS or you can go here C:\Windows\System32\osk.exe
and pin to start, pin to taskbar, or send to desktop (shortcut). Whether any of that will actually help or not is going to depend on what you are able to do from the game when it is prompting for a username. Usually touch enabled games when you touch and hold the area where you are expected to enter keyboard characters, will evoke the On Screen Keyboard.
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Looks like I may be out of luck here. The game does not seem to be touch-enabled and because it comes up in a graphic's UI, not a window, then it is very difficult to get the OSK to show over the graphics UI.

It's sort of like playing COD on a touch-enabled tablet and in the chat screen you want to type something but can't because you cannot get the OSK to come up over the graphical UI. Know what I mean? This is a theoretical situation...of course I'm not going to play COD on my tablet, lol.
With out knowing the make and model of Tablet you have, there should be some settings somewhere to show the onscreen keyboard.
Let my check the wifes work tablet, Asus Eee Pc.

OK...with this hybrid tablet/ has to be in tablet mode, then left swipe in to drag in onscreen keyboard.
You could use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse. You may also be able to set the game to windowed mode (or not fullscreen) in the settings. Which would then give you the conventional desktop.
Have you tried swiping in the "charms bar", and getting into the keyboard from there. Ease of access, for example, has an option for the OSK. I don't have a tablet to hand, so am just theorising on the possibility.

P.S. Which release are you using. Couldn't find a free one but had four options for demo try and buy.?
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