How do i use a 64gb sdxc card on my windows 7 64bit laptop?


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Hi, i have just bought a sandisk 64gb extreme pro sdxc memory card for my camera, it works fine in the camera and saves pics to it, but every time i open it in windows it tells me i have to format the card, when i do format it, it goes through the whole process and then tells me the operation cannot complete.

I know the card is formatted as exfat, does windows 7 not support this?

my laptop uses windows 7 64bit.

Can anyone please advise as i am not sure how i am going to get any pictures in the future onto my laptop.




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Windows 7 supposedly supports exFat, but it seems to be a real pita. exFat is really only used by Mac systems. Check whether the camera supports any other formats - e.g. Fat32.


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I have a somewhat same kind of problem. All these compatible gadgets aren't all that compatible. I decided to use a separate reading device, a most simple card reader, where I insert my memory card, and then plug it to my computer. Works fine. Got tired of "Nikon and Windows fancies" since they didn't work.

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