Windows 7 How to adjust NAS drive(s) spin up frequency, check to see what is causing them to come out of sleep


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Win7 x64 SP1 PRO Office PC
Win7 x32/x86 SP1 PRO Media Center PC

Issue: How to adjust NAS drive(s) spin up frequency, check to see what is causing them to come out of sleep mode. NAS's are set to power down currently @5mins.

Trying to figure out what is causing them to "Wake-up" and how to adjust those parameters.

D-LINK_-_DI-524 is assigning DHCP
DHCP lease IP =1 week
Network Discovery is turned ON

(2) Primary PC's on network: (Hardwired)
Office PC is shut down totally when not in use.
Media Center PC which is set to go to sleep after going inactive and wake to do recordings.

Currently the NAS's are sleeping- if I had to guess on the frequency they "wake-up" I'd say about once every 30-40 mins. As nothing is being transferred to the NAS's I'd like them to stay asleep as much as possible.

Oh additionally there are various settings within the NAS's themselves- I believe I have any options within the NAS's software toggled off that might be causing the drives to wake up.

So, How would one go about trying to figure out what is "bumping" the drives and causing them to wake-up?

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The dirty details if needed.

Below is the Network setup currently- Plan on getting a 24- 48 port giabit switch to keep the number of cascaded switches to a minimum.

NOTE that during the testing phase I believe I had ONLY the OFFICE PC and the devices in this section connected:
ISP provided Modem Motorola NVG-510, disabled DHCP, Static IP address (The below D-LINK_-_DI-524 set to static, and manages DHCP for attached devices.

D-LINK_-_DI-524>D-Link GO-SW-8GE 101001000Mbps 8-Port Gigabit Metal Desktop Switch>
HP 4000N Network printer
(2) NAS's (Iomega 35541 EZ Media & Backup Center 2TB NAS Network Hard Drive)
Obitech 110 VOIP- service thru Google Voice
(1) Office PC Win7 x64 PRO


Currently in addition to the above:

(1) port of the D-Link GO-SW-8GE 101001000Mbps 8-Port Gigabit feeds a switch in the front of the house were the Win7 x32 PRO Media Center PC is located, that PC being directly attached to the switch- an (1) port of this switch feeding a 10/100 switch in which 10/100 devices (3 SiliconDust HDHomerun ASTC OTA tuners) are attached.