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    How to blow an egg: 1. Gently swirl the point of your scalpel into the end of the egg, pushing as you go slightly, until it pierces.
    2. Repeat at other end but continue to widen the hole at the other end by swirling the scalpel around so it chips away at the sides. Make it large enough to just insert the skewer.
    3. Insert the skewer and jiggle it around a little to break up the yolk.
    4. Place your mouth over one end, the other end over a bowl and gently blow into the egg. It might take a few puffs before it starts to come out, but once it gets going it will all come out with a few blows. If the yolk appears stuck, shake the egg and try the skewer again.
    5. Now hold a finger over the bottom hole and place the top one under running water so the egg catches a little water. Shake it around a little and blow out again.
    6. Leave to dry and then they’re ready to decorate.
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