How to burn Vuze movies to DVD on Windows 7?

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    Vuze acts as a bit-torrent client for users to browse, watch, download and share videos, movies and music. When you downloaded movies from Vuze, you can view them on your computer. Even rare movies can be found throughout the Vuze so you can download and burn Vuze movies to DVD. Imagine view them in your home theater system or on home DVD player, how fabulous that will be. Anything you wish to obtain can be at your fingertips. In a few simple steps, you will learn how to burn movies downloaded from Vuze to DVD to play in any DVD player.

    What we use is DVD burning software which is perfectly compatible with Windows 7. Tested.

    Step 1 Free Download DVD Creator and install it

    Free download DVD Creator which serves as a professional Vuze to DVD burner. Meanwhile, you can insert DVD +R (DVD-R, DVD+RW or DVD-RW) into DVD optical drive.

    Step 2 Add movies downloaded from Vuze

    Click "Load Video" to browse your computer and find the downloaded movies from Vuze, then add them from your hard drive to the program. They will appear in the collections pane. Drag and drop loaded Vuze movies to the storyboard below to make further operation.

    Step 3 Convert Vuze to DVD

    Once you've imported Vuze movies, here comes the burning step. Click on Burn tab, there will be a window asking you to select aspect ratio, TV standard, etc. And select the output options as DVD disc. Once everything is ready, please click on Start button to convert Vuze movies to DVD.

    So, you've just successfully burned Vuze to DVD. Now you can play the DVD you just burned on the TV. Enjoy.

    For more information, please refer to detailed guide: How to convert/burn Vuze movies to DVD?
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