Windows 8 Unable to Create a Bootable windows 7 dvd on windows 8 pro


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Jan 27, 2013
hey guys i am literally in confuse i want to dual boot i have two windows dvd one with genuine key and the other one with windows activator.
so i want to make a bootable windows 7 dvd but i cant do it in windows 8. although i was able to create the same dvd on my windows 7.
i want to create new one because my first one is lost and second one is quite damaged.
do help me. i am using poweriso registered already tried imgburn,winiso,deamon lite and
burnware free version but not able to create even a single bootable dvd.
please help.

i want to add two files or i can say edit my old iso with windows activator and
everything runs fine but after i restart the disk nothing happens it appears to be blanck.


please tell me i am doing i already wasted 20empty disks.with every program i use.
there are only two questions one
1)can i create a bootable disk with genuine key .your anwser is yes . i will create but nothing is happening after i burn it using any of the above programs.i mentioned earlier. my disk is seen empty and when i try reburn it says you need to insert an empty disk.
any guide you can tell me that is tested by you on windows 8 pro. please

2)does windows activator or any additon to the original bootable disk make it unbootable because i have seen many users doing it in case if they loose there original keys.
Sounds like either your disks are faulty or your burner is. Try burning some images or music to disk. Windows actually carries it's own burning software. Just right click the iso and click burn to disk. Windows will then burn the iso at 4x which is the correct speed. Otherwise I use this:

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free - CNET

I don't know about windows activator, never used it.

When you download it you get an .ISO file.
You can burn it to a disk using Windows but I prefer "Image Burn" a free to download program that I've used for years.
It's very easy to use.

The Official ImgBurn Website

Once you burn the image file to a disk you will have a boot-able install DVD.

I prefer the ImgBurn also and keep the speed at 4X. When you download the ISO do a hash check on it.
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