How to choose what O.S. to boot?


I'm new so please, be nice.

Previously, I was using two operating systems - C: Windows XP x64 SP2; D: Windows XP x86 SP3.
I was given ten seconds to choose the operating system, or it automacally shoosed the first one.
Now, I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate RC on C, and I do not get the choose from screen. I am automcally taken to Windows 7.
What can I do?

Daniel, Romania

That article has nothing to do with booting, is just about installing a second O.S. on another partition (wich everyone already knows), but thanks anyway.
I will try your solution, with pressing F8 and I'll let you know. Too bad the choose O.S. screen is gone.


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Hmm...Actually that link contains the same information that I suggested (see screenshot). This link may serve you better although it's for vista but should work just the same..

i lost my dual boot option pls help - The NeoSmart Forums

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