How to create a MAPI association in Windows 8.1?

A friend of mine is using the default Windows Mail as email client in Windows 8.1.

He is also using LibreOffice as word processing application and gets always an error message when he tries to use the "Send As Email" option from within a LibreOffice document. Apparently it is necessary to set an association in Windows 8.1 to use Windows Mail as default MAPI application. However, for that it would be necessary to find the actual application (exe) file for Windows Mail - and I cannot find this. This file is not in the Windows Mail folder that is in the Program Files folder (see enclosed screen shot).

Is it possible to create a MAPI association for Windows Mail in Windows 8.1 or could it be that Windows Mail is not a MAPI application?

Where I can find the Windows Mail application (exe) file?



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The Windows Mail client file should be called winmail.exe and you should find it in C:\programs files\Windows Mail.

The strange thing is that every time I search for it, that's where is tells me it is, but when I go there I don't see it, and I have Windows Explorer set to show hidden files and folders.

Maybe this apparent inaccessibility has something to do with your problem.

Hopefully someone here knows what's going on.


This apparently has something to do with Windows Mail being an app in Windows 8 so that the winmail.exe file doesn't show where is normally would.

Hi again.

What you might try is to install Windows Live Mail for the desktop.
I think that would make a real winmail.exe file in the correct location to make your link between the two work.

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