Windows 8 How to create and name Categories on the Windows 8/8.1 Start screen

Organising your Start Screen
This short tutorial is designed to show the beginner or someone new to the Windows 8 family GUI how to effectively organise their Start screen.

The new look.
When the Start screen is first opened it will generally look like this:

Most initial Start screens look like the above depending on what choices the user made when first installing the system. Now you can either leave it like it is or create your own Start screen with your own choices and categories like I've done with mine:

I'm using Windows 8.1 which allows you to use your Desktop background which I prefer. If your running 8.1 and would like to do the same then simply right click on the Task bar when in the desktop, click on properties and look under Navigation.

Columns and Categories
Apart from the desktop background you'll notice that the icons have been replaced and moved into columns which have been named.
An icon can be moved by placing the mouse cursor over it and then holding down the left click button. You'll notice if this icon is moved slightly to one side a normally invisible divider is revealed which separates the columns you see above. Find the Icon you want to move, left click on it, hold then drag and drop into the new column your building. Repeat this method until you've attained what you desire.
Once you've created your column you can now name it. The method is slightly different with Windows 8 and 8.1. If your using Windows 8 then you'll need to click the actual column. Here's two examples:
Windows 8:

Windows 8.1
Using Windows 8.1 simply right click on the background and you'll see the box appear below:


As mentioned above Icons are moved by holding down the left click on the mouse. You can also change the Icons size by right clicking on the actual icon. Other options such as running as administrator, pinning to Task Bar, moved to Start screen (if the app isn't already there) and un-install can all be found via the right click method.

Third party Applications.
If you miss the Windows 7 style Start menu then there are some applications on the market which are free and will give you something similar. Here are just a couple:
Start 8:
Classic Shell:
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The steps for windows 8 are a little different, when it comes to naming your columns.

Step 1; starting from the start screen you have to show the full metro screen first… to do this you (left) click the minus icon in the bottom right of your screen.
Screenshot (345).png

Step 2; next you (right) click one of the columns to bring up the column naming icon… in the bottom left.
Screenshot (346).png

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