How to customize windows 7 setup

hey guyzzzz
please tell me how can i edit the contents of a windows setup like Text shown while installing , windows installation background etc. please tell me i waanna create my own windows 7 installation disk


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I really don't think you can do that.

If you can it would involve a lot of code, and I don't know why anyone would want to put that much effort into it to just change the way the Windows installer works.

I know it's beyond me so unless you are a programing guru...

and I'm betting that if you were you probably wouldn't be asking us. LOL

But welcome to the forums!

Maybe someone here does know a way to do it.


thanxxx mike
but i want to know this because i recently saw a lite version of windows 7 by cocos which was completely customized and one AIO windows seven which had written windows 7 activated R2 i wanted to know how is this possible and if anybody knows the answer please tell me Capturfe.JPG Capture.JPG


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Well you got me there, I have no idea, maybe someone else here knows here, but I didn't know that could do that.

Maybe you could search for "How do I modify the graphics in the Windows install program or something like that.


Hi mike
i found one way by googling it but i am unable to get the pack its a windows 7 pre activation pack do you know where can it be downloaded from ?????


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My guess and it's just a guess; is that this is a specialized exception from MS to allow retail installers to have this. Which then suggests to me that this is strictly for the demo PC's. If you purchase a PC from looks just like the first picture you attached. Again, just my theory.


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You can't edit any installation text or graphics. You can create a custom installation that may have pre-loaded drivers with the Windows Automated Installation Toolkit. That's about it.

mike if you google it its feature have this point its windows pre activation kit

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