How to de-install services (without original program)?


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Assume some programs (which of cause do not belong to the "core" Win 7 system) created some services..

During deinstallation the original programs these programs do NOT cleanup their corrsponding services.

So is there a way to deinstall services later in another way?

I don't want to just disable them. I want a complete de-installation.



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You can use an Administrative command prompt to do so, for instance:

"sc delete MyService"

Will delete the service called MyService, refer to the Services Microsoft Management Console (services.msc) for a full listing and short name of the service in question.

This will unregister it as a service, but it will not delete it's binary, for that you must navigate manually to where the service resides.

I strongly recommend creating a System Restore point before doing any of this!

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