How to download game file from windows 8 store?

Hi, I have a mac. (yes ik, Y u in windows forum?! GET OUT FILTHY MAC USER)

I would like to know if its possible to download a windows game from the windows 8 store, onto a mac. Just the file. The rest I can handle, I have wine. If you need to know what game it is, Its "ARMED!".



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Unfortunately Microsoft has taken a lesson from Apple and doesn't give you an install file or let you decide where to install it.
I installed it to see if I could get a complete install but it doesn't put it in a folder in Program Files or Program Files x86.

It installs partially under Users, User Name, Appdata, Local, Sickhead Games, and as far as I can figure there it no way to run it from the desktop.

It seems to be kind of spread all over the place and may be running from the cloud since I can't really find an install.

I looked at the creator's site and they don't have a download for it, it just shunts you to the Windows store.


Thanks for taking time to look into it.

I'll look around to download the file somewhere else.


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I couldn't find any way to get it except through the Windows store and only for Windows 8 and Phone.

Good luck.


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