How to enable Fastsync on Nvidia 600 series and up

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    The very latest Nvidia cards (1080/1070 ) coupled with driver version 368.22 have a new form of Vsync called Fastsync.

    Fastsync basically is like an improved version of Triple buffering.

    ''Fast Sync: As of the 368.22 GeForce drivers, Nvidia has introduced a new form of VSync called Fast Sync. This VSync method is similar to Triple Buffering in that it uses three frame buffers. However, the behavior is slightly different: the GPU is not held back in any way by the display's refresh cycle. With Fast Sync enabled, the game engine will behave as though VSync is Off, hence the GPU can render as many frames as it possibly can at all times, which results in the highest performance, no framerate cap, and minimal input lag. Whenever the display needs to refresh, the GPU determines which latest available whole completed frame to send to the display, which in turn prevents tearing. Thus Fast Sync can provide the best aspects of both VSync Off and VSync On, without the negatives of either.''

    It's been discovered that this can also be enabled in 600 series cards and upwards. You need to download Nvidia Inspector , create a profile and under the vertical sync setting choose 0x18888888.

    As always there is a downside and this only really works well if your fps is around 2/3 times faster than the monitors refresh rate.
    Fast Sync is available right now • /r/nvidia
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