How to find out which files are linked to bad sectors? Repair with chkdsk?


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A surface test of my hard disk with some partition tools showed one or more bad sectors.

How can I find out exactly which of my files allocated space these bad sectors in the past?
....and which are now corrupted?

I have heard that a "chkdsk" run could repair/exclude these bad sectors logically.



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chkdsk c: /r should find and repair. After the chkdsk do a sfc /scannow


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If you know which sector is being repaired you can find the file using that sector like so.

  • Open an elevated command prompt (Right click, 'run as administrator')
  • Check your physical sector size and cluster size (should be the same) fsutil ntfsinfo C:
  • If they are the same (usually both 4096) then you can query that cluster Ex: I'll query cluster 41000 fsutil querycluster C: 41000