Windows 8 how to get admin privellage although i had signed through admin account

vineet chauhan

New Member
Mar 21, 2013
hiii,,, i just installed windows 8 on my pc sir i am insatlled corel draw version 13 sir i logned through admin but still it is showing error that to sign in through admin plz help me help is must :black_eyed::black_eyed:

try right clicking Corel and choose 'run as admin'.

another way to go about it is to open a admin cmd prompt (right click in bottom left hand corner and choose from list. Type:
net user administrator /active:yes
Press enter. You'll now have access to the admin account.

To disable, type:
net user administrator /active:no
If you want to avoid having to right click>>run as admin each time, you can right click and go to properties and then the compatibility tab. Here, check off the box that says "Run this program as an administrator". You'll likely be confronted with the UAC prompt each time you open it now, however.
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