how to get Stellaris Gog Vs Steam working in multiplay?


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this is for people that want to play against their mates but are having crossplay issues

Steam players: need to right click Stellaris from the steam ui, pick properites
then Betas and the cross_play server... if you now see Stellaris [Stellaris_Test] in the game title you got it right


Gog Players; first need to look for the checksum_manifest.txt and if that isn't there then you can't play against Steam

you can still against gog by rolling back to an older build but you will see errors when you try to crossplay

workaround: turn off stellaris and shut down gog galaxy;

step 1 = grab a copy of the file from your steam folder or you can have this copy
missing stellaris fille needed for cross platform multiplay

step 2 = you need to go to C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris ...assumes you have documents on your c drive and to be clear this folder location is for the gog version of stellaris not the steam one

step 3 = drop the checksum_manifest.txt file in and restart gog stellaris... you should now be able to join cross platfrom against steam players


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A word about dlc; who ever sets up the multiplay decides what dlc to use so if I have every dlc and my friends only has a few then I should host the game... my friends can then play with every dlc (for this online game only) because only the host player needs a dlc and the Paradox server gives them the extra files for this game

Paradox account; both players have to have the same game version to play against each other and right now that is (1960) & you also both need to be logged into a Paradox account... for Steam players this login is automatic but gog players will need to make one with an email account * and look that they are signed in... once you sign in to Paradox gog should remember and adds a text file called pdx_login.txt to your game witch I recommend making a save of because Paradox servers will send you two different confirm emails a week apart and its easy to lose this password


* your Gog account and your Paradox account can use different email if you want and you should paste the pdx_login.txt into a different computer if you want to move your gog game because Paradox will not assume more than one gog i.e, your game save must match this password which Paradox gives out when you first make the account
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