How to install additionally Win 7 onto a system with Win10?


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Assume I bought or got a desktop/notebook with a pre-installed Windows 10 system.
The hard disk is either MBR or GPT based and contains the typical partition scheme

Windows Recovery partition, Efi System partition, Microsoft reserved and Windows 10 main partition.

Now I want to shrink the windows main partition (with Win10 on it) and create a new partition on the free space for Windows 7.
Afterwards I want to install Windows 7 into this new partition.
(provided that the CPU architecture is Windows 7 compatible).

After all I want later to be able to boot the system, then press F8 and got the boot manager menu where I can select which WinOS to boot: Win 10 or Win7.

Is this possible?

Are there any important issues? Must the Win 7 partition e.g. after or before the Win10 partition?

Do I have to manually add the new Win 7 bootable partition to the BootManager or does it automatically recognize the new WinOS?

Does it matter if the hard disk is MBR or GPT formatted?



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You can install multiple versions of Windows on a system. The rule to follow is "Install the oldest first" the reason for this is newer versions can detect the old versions but not vice versa.

Your disk would need to be GPT. MBR can only support 4 primary partitions and GPT can handle 128.

Personally I don't dual or multi-boot as it can add a lot of complexity making it difficult to troubleshoot and easy to break something. You're much better off running a second, third, N number of operating systems in a hyper visor. You have Hyper-v built-in, you can install virtual box or vmware player