How to keep/concatenate single pages (and print them in duplex mode later)?

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    I have a laser printer which is able to print in Duplex mode (front and flip/back side) which works fine.

    Now assume I have 4 individual document pages (e.g. 4 *.pdf files or 4 Word *.doc files or 4 *.jpeg files)
    which I want to print.

    BUT: these 4 pages should NOT be printed on a physical paper page each.

    Instead front and flip/back side should be printed. So for 4 logical pages the result should be 2 physical papers.

    Now when I load the first file into whatever (editor) software and start printing then the print process starts immediately. So back side cannot be printed (I want to avoid to re-insert paper in printer tray).

    How else can I tell the printer "Hey wait with printing until all papers are in your spooler and I tell you go"?

    Even when I could manage somehow to hold automatic immediate printer spooling and resume it later all paper are printed individually.
    So I need some additional option to tell the printer to append/concatenate all individual papers in spooler.

    How can I do this?

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    You need to merge the documents into one.

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