How to let prms write file? Access error: Unsufficient permissions?


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On a Win10 computer I installed the well known archiver program 7zip
I can start it. However when I want to create a new archive and let it write the resulting file onto the partiton e.g. into directory:

C:\Program files\aaaasample\

then I got an error popup:

Cannot access/write file to folder

Why ?

In properties context dialog window tab I enabled (=checked) "Run as administrator" but it didn't help.

How can I tell Win10 to always allow a program (e.g. myprog123.exe) everything in the future without any further prompts?



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Check the permissions for that folder using security option in the dialog box.
Maybe the permissions didn't really change when you selected "run as administrator".
And also restart the computer after making changes. Sometimes that helps in Windows.



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"Program files" and every folder under it are protected folders by the operating system, when you try to make changes from different programs. Try to save your archive on folder outside "program files".

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Windows Vista and newer use what is call MAL (mandatory access labels) these are LOW, MED and HIGH. Low is a special very low access and is generally, at this time, only used by IE and Edge (what is called Protected mode) and they only directories with a Low labels are the LocalLow directory in each users profile. Medium is what standard users have access to and High requires either explicitly granted rights or a special administrator user token.

Background on "Run As Administrator"
All users whether they have admin rights or not run as standard users. When you get the UAC prompt, such as by select "Run As Administrator" the given process runs with a special administrator user token which has the required access to access a HIGH labeled resource. The way around that is to grant appropriate rights. Program Files and Program Files (x86) are both marked as HIGH label which is one reason you need admin rights to install software.


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you should NOT create compressed archives in any of the programfiles-folders at all..
Create them in your own personal folder instead = C:\Users\{your username}

The programfolders are ment for programs you install on your computer... and nothing else...