How to make your laptop play sounds on lid open/close?

Ok so I had Vista Ultimate on my HP laptop and it used to make sounds when the laptop opened or closed now I have upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate there is any sound...How can I get this back??


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Hello and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums. :)
This sound was probably being played from a program other then Windows (something pre-installed with your PC)
What's the exact make and model of your PC?


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First. You need to enter your Power options - Change power settings - Change Advanced power settings. Now scroll down to "Lid close action". What have you got here? You should have shutdown or sleep?
Ok whichever you have chosen, now go to Sound - sounds. Experiment with "sleep" or "Exir Windows", or even "Log Off"


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I'm so tired.
Cheers to RAK

Its an HP DV6 1240 umm but with my DELL Inspiron I have the same problem so I dont think its a preinstallled program....I tend to think it was a Vista sound scheme... :S
thnx for d quik replies


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Yeah, Sorry for that post, I', not sure what I was thinking.
Go with RAK's suggestion.

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