How to manage DNS on another server with DNS console?

In my virtual setup I have 3 servers on the same domain. My domain controller (ServerA) has DNS and ADDS roles, one of my other servers (ServerC) I'm trying to make where it can manage DNS on ServerA using DNS console.. Yes they all can see one another. Do I need to add the DNS role to ServerC and configure from there? I am having the hardest time finding any articles online. I usually find one then turns out to be for Server 2008. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm an idiot lol. I was making this way harder than it should of been. I figured it out.


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Glad to hear you figured it out. In Server 2012 it's even easier. You simply make your servers manageable remotely and from any other server that has a GUI you simply click "Add Server" from the management console. The beauty of this is you can from the GUI from most of your servers and simply manage them from either 1 or a small subset of your servers. This really helps reduce overhead.

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