server 2019

  1. A

    Wrong certificate being used when using different browsers

    Hello, I am using a Windows server 2019 with IIS and active websites, for some reason when i enter a website that exits in our IIS with HTTPS with valid R3 certificate from our server it loads an expired certificate ( i have tried Chrome Edge and Mozilla to test this). I entered me certificate...
  2. saschaluescher

    Audio on a remote Windows Server?

    Hello :) I have a Windows Server 2019 without direct access, so i can only control it remotely. The Server doesn't has a sound card or anything to make sounds, but i need to have audio on this server in order to have music in my live stream which i outsourced on this particular server. So i...
  3. A

    AlwaysOn VPN Connects, but Unable to Access Local Network Resources

    Hi all, I've been struggling with this issue for a couple weeks now. I recently deployed an AlwaysOn VPNfor a local engineering firm to allow employees to work from home (especially with the pandemic). I followed several tutorials including Microsoft's own. I am able to connect...