External DNS Server in Server 2019 Essentials


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Hello everyone,

i ran into some troubles with Essentials 2019 and MS DNS. Before I started to use AD for central user management I configured DNSMASQ als DNS server for my network. After setting up the AD I noticed that I need MS DNS for adding Clients to the domain. The problem right now is, that DNS resolve is not working for non-domain hosts. DNS Forwarding is already set, but the MS DNS doesn't forward the requests.

I am not familiar with MS DNS so please help me to solve this isse.... one last commment from my side. I am sorry, but english is not my native language so please stay friendly if I make grammar mistakes.

Thanks for your help.

  • Open the DNS Tools on the server
  • Right click the DNS zone and select properties
  • Click on the Forwarders tab
  • edit the list to be the other local DNS server you have
hello neemobeer,

thanks for your reply. I already set forwarders but the ms dns doens't forward any dns request do the DNSMASQ server. That's the problem.