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Windows 8 How to master Storage Spaces in Windows 8


Extraordinary Robot
Jun 27, 2006
Windows 8 includes a ton of great new features that are easy to overlook amidst the sturm und drang over the Start screen. Meet Storage Spaces, a new Windows utility that allows you to connect multiple data storage devices (internal and external) that rely on different interfaces (SATA hard drives, USB flash drives, and Serial Attached SCSI drives, for example) to your PC and treat them as a ...

Source: Yahoo! News
Hi, I installed the final version of Windows 8 as a fresh install. Created a storage space with 4 identical 3TB drives using Parity scheme. Created the volume D: and started a copy of about 6TB of my data. When I woke up in the morning I saw this: imgur: the simple image sharer
Now way to view my files, just format or delete. Question: Is my data lost?
In storage management he volume appear as unallocated volume. I installed software to the volume as well as moved tons of data so the volume did exist.