Insider Preview How to remove build9926 and rollback.

Build 9926 is compeltely unusable on my dell XPS 15. Sometimes it wont even boot up. When it does the graphics are choppy and unsuable. On top of that the brightness is stuck to max.

So once I rollback how do I stop it from updating to build9926? I atleast want to wait for the "slow" rollout but it keeps installing the one that was already downloaded.

Are you dual booting on that laptop? If not, I would grab the ISO and do a clean install. The results are marvelous.


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Agreed . I've been an outspoken critic of the whole way of handling the build releases and so-called improvements, on public forums and MS forums.. I would still like the Modern apps start menu back, as I had become accustomed to it - I am not too happy with that long, long, row of shortcut icons in the new start menu.
But, as a compromise, I have now installed the new Classic shell beta, tuned up everything and am really enjoying Windows 10.


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To answer the main op question: You can stop updates by turning the executable off from the services panel… however, I also recommend doing a clean install first as there is every chance the rolled (out and back) nature of your system updates so far is the actual cause of the instability you currently have.


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Rollbacks for 9926 were set up to be done using the boot menu option. Are you seeing that option when you boot?

If you did a clean install, there is nothing to roll back to.... you need to supply the prior install components.

As far as your current install, you might check the Device Manager and see what devices show as Unknown, and what drivers are being used for the Display adapters. I have not tried putting the test builds on my Dell system.

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