How to remove F1 key from register?

I need to have free F1 key for another application than Windows Help. This application try to set key map in register - F2 is free, F3 is free, F4 is free, but F1 not. Where is this binding (F1 -> Help) in register? (Not in another place - but in register.) Thank you!


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I have looked into this and it appears there is absolutely no way to do it in the registry. You can try something like Autohotkey, but I tried creating a script for that for you, and I'm not even sure that works in Windows 8.1.


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The registry has lots of F1 references because of backwards compat way Windows is made... Ime muking about here will just end in a bsod at some point.

OK, so my application try to registry F1 for itself. How can I release F1 for it?

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