Windows 10 How to remove the annoying little One Drive check marks


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This is just a segment to talk about a website. Go to TLDR for the issue.

There is a particular site I had tried to post this question on called Tom's Hardware. This particular site wouldn't let me in and kept on repeating the message "AN AUTHENTICATION EXCEPTION OCCURRED" and after 10 minutes of scouring the internet for solutions i finally said to hell with that site, I'll post here. Anyone wondering whether they should make an account on Tom's Hardware? Don't do it. It's clearly an awful website with countless flaws. Don't waste your time over there. Anyways,


So I have been encountering an issue on my PC where my desktop icons will have a small little symbol on the bottom left. Sometimes it's a red circle with a white x, sometimes it's a green outlined circle with a white filling and a green check, and sometimes it's two curved blue arrows. I am aware these are because of one drive and it's status it's syncing with one drive, but I want them gone. I don't want one drive gone, I want these little symbols to disappear.

I have tried:

1. Going into file explorer options and unchecking "Always show availability status". However, by default I already had it set to uncheck.

2. Restarting my PC several times.

3. Refreshing my desktop several times.

4. Posting the issue on toms hardware.

Here is a photo as to how it looks both in the file explorer and my desktop. I have highlighted some of them for easier viewing:


Any help as to how to get these annoying symbols to disappear would be greater appreciated. Thanks!
Those are the sync status symbols for One drive. To get rid of them turn off one drive.
I believe those are the new OneDrive cloud states. I'm not sure how to get rid of all of them but you can take the ones away from the navigation pane from the Folder Options dialog.

I'm sure there is probably a way (or two) to remove the rest of them as well, without you needing to uninstall.
There isn't a documented way to turn those icons off short of turning one drive off. I believe they are applied via registry shell ex keys and it would require removing them. Of course messing with the registry isn't a good idea if you don't know what you're doing.

If I have some time I can mess around with it and see if I can create a script to remove them.
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