how to replace a failing disk in Hyperconverged Infrastructure node


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Jul 18, 2021
Hi, Just wondering what steps we could do to replace a failing hard drive in a HCI node. Can anybody help me with some instructions or point to somewhere i could find the answer ? HCI is made of three HPE DL380 servers and using Hyper V. The nodes dont have any tools installed to exactly find the physical location of the drive to be be changed. thanks


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Jul 4, 2015

Replace a failed drive​

  1. When a drive fails, an alert appears in the upper left Alerts area of the Dashboard.
  2. You can also select Drives from the navigation on the left side or click the VIEW DRIVES > link on the tile in the lower right corner to browse drives and see their status for yourself. In the Inventory tab, the grid supports sorting, grouping, and keyword search.
  3. From the Dashboard, click the alert to see details, like the drive's physical location.
  4. To learn more, click the Go to drive shortcut to the Drive detail page.
  5. If your hardware supports it, you can click Turn light on/off to control the drive's indicator light.
  6. Storage Spaces Direct automatically retires and evacuates failed drives. When this has happened, the drive status is Retired, and its storage capacity bar is empty.
  7. Remove the failed drive and insert its replacement.
  8. In Drives > Inventory, the new drive will appear. In time, the alert will clear, volumes will repair back to OK status, and storage will rebalance onto the new drive – no user action is required.
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