Windows 8 How to save a book sfter converting from pdf to ebook in SWF/html


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Hi, I am new to this forum and it is my first post. I greet to every one.I have win8 64bit OS. I have converted abook saved in PDF to an ebook using a software. And it is required to save in SWF/html in order to read on ebook reader on tablet etc. But I am not able to do so in win 8.Please help me to solve my this problem. I thank to every one in advance for the help and support. Thanks and regards.
Dear Kemical Thanks for reply. What I feel that Flash Player is not working. I am using IE 10. versoion 10.0.9200:16466 and update version - 10.0.1 (KB2761465). What I do for Flash Player?
Hi Malik,

Windows 8 differs from previous operating system in regards to flash as it uses an embedded version. This is normally updated via windows updates but if you are having issues playing rich media then Adobe has a support page for this issue:

Flash Player Issues | Windows 8