Windows 7 How to secure data on a USB hard drive?


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I'm running regular backups on my Windows 7 computer. My destination for most backups is a USB 3.0 hard drive. I have several internal hard drives that I also use, but I'm using the USB drive so that I can totally isolate the backup files from anyone out there who wants to do harm to my system. My plan for now is to do a full backup every week or so without a schedule set so that I can connect the USB drive, do the backup, then physically disconnect the drive from the computer until the next backup.
My question is, is there any other way to make the USB drive totally unavailable to anyone while still leaving it connected to the computer, or should I continue with my current method. The USB 3.0 ports are on the back of the computer and not real easy to access without getting on my hands and knees.


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I would unplug it anyway in order to keep it stored in a physically separate place from the computer. This is more secure in terms of possible physical damage or loss. I have three backup copies of my system and they are all in different physical locations in case of loss due to power surges, fire, theft . . . you name it.


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That's a very good point. I consider theft and fire as the most likely disasters, hardware/software failures notwithstanding. The drive will be much safer stored in a safe. I may consider storing a semi-annual backup in the bank safe deposit box too.


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There's another good reason for external disks. Electrical isolation. If you've ever seen a power supply fail and put hv ac all through a system you know what I'm saying. A physically, electrically isolated backup should save you.

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