How to shift all free space on hard disk to get contigous free space?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by pstein, Jul 23, 2015.

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    My NTFS non-system partition is now almost well defragmented. However this applies only to small and medium sized files.

    There are still approx 40 big files (> 1 GB) which cannot be defragmented because there is no free single (!) space slot where they fit in.

    So I need a way to shift all occupied clusters to get free contigous space on my hard disk.
    Currently about 150 GB is be free on my partition but divided into thousand of individual chunks.

    I tried now half a dozend of defragmenters.
    Sad but true: NO (!) one was able to perform this easy operation.

    Can someone recommend me a real defragmenter which is able to perform such a "shift" operation?

    Thank you
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    IME If the drive is full up it doesn't matter what defrag tool you have... I use "UltimateDefragFREEPublicDomainEdition" on my Windows 7 machine because its faster than the default Microsoft one.

    I recommend removing some files onto another drive and then run your defrag before putting the files back on... extra hdd space is very cheep and a better option that defragging a full drive (repeat) endless.
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    Most defrag programs work fairly similar and one isn't going to work that much better than another. Defragging on a relatively full drive isn't going to do much go since there ins't much space to store files anyways. There will always be fragmentation since Windows always stores new files as close together as possible where as Linux store files as far apart as possible and doesn't really suffer from fragmentation.

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