How to stop sharing programs with other users


I've been playing around all night but cannot find how to stop sharing programs, with other users on the same computer. The only thing I've noticed is by right clicking > share with > nobody...but surely theres a simpler way to stop it completely? Rather than doing it everytime a program is installed/downloaded. The right clicking method also seems to have no effect on some programs. :confused:


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Do these users have their own accounts?

Yes, but they are not administrators. My account is the only administrator and my programs appear on the others.


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Do you want to disable them from running certain applications

All I really want is for each user account to be independent, to be able to install my programs without them appearing on other users desktops, and vice versa. I'm sure it was just a check box option on XP so there must be a simple way around it?


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Lately,. most installers ask if you want to set it for all users or just the person installing it.

Go to C:\user\theirusername\desktop

Well, you can access their desktop from your account and you could delete the icons on the desktop.

As for the Start Menu that;s very tricky.

Would you like me to walk you through it?

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