Windows 11 How to Use Backup


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Oct 2, 2011
I have an HP x360 14tea laptop that came with Windows 11. I have been trying to create a backup image and then go through the procedure to restore the image. I have created the image and stored it on a network hard drive with no problems. But, I have not found a way to restore the image. I have a USB CD/DVD Burner that I have used to create a "rescue" disk. But, the Rescue disk will not boot. I have the rescue disk as the first in the boot order. When I power on, the CD/DVD acts like it is booting, but it ends up cycling back to the beginning to create a rescue disk. I have tried three times to create a rescue disk, all give the same results. I would appreciate any advice about the creation of and use of the rescue disk.

Best regards, Jim
Sorry, yes the image should be everything. You'll need to restore from a Windows recovery media, or install media. From there you can troubleshoot > system image recovery
Windows backup and recovery is not a program I would rely on. I would use another even if it costs a bit.
Two popular free ones are from countries not friendly to our US but to some that makes no difference. I use macrium and it never fails me. $69.
I think paragon is available but I had trouble with it although others likes it.
EaseUs check country of ownership and if happy with it go for it.
So what does the country have anything to do with this? Let's not turn this into a political thing ok... It's software and that's all it is. Where it comes from has NO Relevance.
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