HP envy with BSOD win 7, can i just boot UBUNTU or help me fix the problem

I have a windows 7, HP ENVY 17" PC laptop. All the good stuff in it. It has had BSOD for 5 months now so i just bought a VAIO to hold me over. I want to install UBUNTU or boot something i dont care, i just want to get my HP with the great graphics back so i can use it. Any help please, i have all the BSOD errors and all the info you would need.


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Hi welcome to the forums

can you please upload the minidump files, and myself or one of my fellow Analysis colleagues will look at this for you

sounds great and QUICK responce i can already tell im going to like this forum alot...where do i pay or DONATE to you guys? ok well i can upload a picture is that cool?


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We would need the acutal files because we do bug check analysis on them to get a full breakdown of why and what has caused this, we also get all the dates on the drivers too ,

the minidumps are located c:/windows/system32/MINIDUMPS

no personal information is held within the files

how do i access this when i cant log on at all? even safe mode wont work at all...at the most the desktop comes up for 30 seconds then BAMM BSOD...i have done the restore trick and all those little things it just says "loading windows files then 3rd file down it freezes...etc then it says DRIVER no equal to etc etc


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DRIVER no equal
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - this can refer the drivers, Newly installed hardware , or software, Have you put anything in the pc recently ro changed anything?

have you got a repair disc for your version of 7, If you have then try booting from the disc instead

i literally cant get onto the desktop long enough to uninstall something and as for what i may have last installed i cant think of what it was 5 months ago but i do think it was an itunes thing...i may be fully wrong though. i have lots of personal stuff on there but at this point i dont care ill fully delete everything to reset this PC i just dont know how to do it when all the little tricks ive tried do nothing, BOOT options, safe mode, etc etc i have no discs at all just the PC


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i know this may seem a little strange but it can cause bsods, take the battery out , plug in the AC power ( charger ) and try and boot.

the pc should turn on as it has power,

yup ive tried this trick as well nothing happens at all...its 230 am here though and you are a GREAT help so far i would like to continue this convo maybe you could help with more info and we keep this up? thanks alot


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we have Blue screen analyists around the usa, uk and other places so some one will be on if not myself


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sounds great and QUICK responce i can already tell im going to like this forum alot...where do i pay or DONATE to you guys? ok well i can upload a picture is that cool?
You are able to donate to the site

We do not charge for the service however we are extremely gratefull for any donations provided.

Please click the following link to donate, You may use my name as reference if you wish,


ok so ive done the restore to previous point thing, ive even unplugged it and did the battery trick, ive tried safe mode and it wont even boot up it goes straight to bsod...the error is DRIVER not equal too etc, and techniocal info on bsod page is 0x000000d1 and many other error codes...i have no repair or boot discs etc and the REPAIR YOU COMPUTER feature hasnt done anything to fix this...the desktop will show up only after i havent attempted to turn pc on for atleast 1 week and still it only stays on for about 30 seconds then BSOD...its a ENVY HP 17" beats audio PC laptop with windows premium i believe


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i think things are going to a little bleak to be fair without a repair disc however there is a few things i can think of to hopefuly sort it, Zigzag is elite at blue screens so im sure he can figure other suggestions

the next thing is going into the bios on boot and reset everything to default , save and exit

i may have already tried resetting every thing in the bios but ill try again what is the exact method on how to do this step by step?

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