Windows 8 HP laptops/AMD processors/Windows Update freezes at 12%


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Mar 22, 2010
HP laptops/AMD processors/Windows Update freezes at 12%

Yesterday at work we ran into issues with 2 HP laptops freezing at 12% when doing Windows Updates.

A search of the web suggested that it may have been due to several things.
We found a workaround that seems to work for us:

- a clean boot (using msconfig we stop all non-Microsoft services from starting - and we disable all startups in Task Manager)
- Uninstall (and remove the driver software) for all video and audio devices in Device Manager

On both systems this has resulted in the systems being able to install the updates.
I'll be doing more research today to see if we can find out exactly what's at fault.
Were the drivers in the video and audio sections current or older drivers?
They were the OEM drivers that came with the system. I didn't have a chance to check the dates because we were under time pressure to get the system's into the customer's hands ASAP.

FYI - they were both HP Pavilion G6-2239DX systems.
We had an HP Desktop (Win8) alongside it that didn't have any problems.

I'm trying to get the boss to OK another system for testing, but we're now having update problems with Lenovo systems also.
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