HP Omni Pro 110


Noob Whisperer
Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with servicing an HP Omni Pro 110 XZ821UT All-In-One PC?
I would like to find some information (drawings, videos, etc.,) on a complete tear down, disassembly and reassembly. Even an exploded view of parts might help.
I've managed to do the basic stuff, remove the three back panels, hard drive and memory, base anchor, etc... but what I basically have is a black and I mean black screen.
There is not indication other than the power light within the power button, and the cooling fan running, that the thing is even trying to POST. No beeps and no BIOS screen, not even a faint glow from a back-light.

So I'd like to gut this thing for my own education and entertainment but I'd like to have more than a heaping pile of parts when I'm done.

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