HP Scan, Run DLL, SQL error. Can they be fixed?

I am 72 and worked with PCs until 2002 but now Windows 7 has me baffeled.

I just got a new printer. An HP 6520 all-in-one. When I try to save a scan I get "HP Scan has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I haven't received a solution.

When I power up the PC I get two messages from Run DLL stating that "There was a problem sARTING c:USERS/CARL/APPDATA/LOCAL/CONDUIT/BACKGROUNDCONTAINER/BACKGROUNDCONTAINER.DLL
The specified module could not be found." (caps by accident). If I just close the messages, the apps seem to run OK.

When I try to log out of my bank I get "SQL Connection Error The application could not connect to the database. Please check the connection string in the web.congif file and SQL server availability. Originfal errors: For more details add the following key in to the <appSettings> section of the web.config file:<add key="cmsd DisplayApplicationErrorMessasges" value = "true"/> I've tried to search for the web.config life but it doesn't exist on my PC.

I spent $50 for a utility that supposedly updayed my drivers and anothe $30 for a utililty that supposedly straightened out my registry. Both these were advertised on this web site. Both found numerous updates and errors and supposedly fixed them but the three problems above still persist. I;m really losing patience with Windows.


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If you have not already tried I would uninstall the HP driver and all it's utilities. Than reboot and see if the errors go away. If so than install just the HP driver first, reboot and see if all is still OK. If OK than install the HP utilities reboot. If all is good your done. If you have a failure doing either of these than go to HP support and try a different version of the driver and utilities.

If none of these help the last non destructive thing you can try is a windows in place install, boot to desktop, insert you WIN7 DVD and install windows, this will not affect your programs or data, BUT as always first make sure you backup your data or do a drive image.

The SQL server error went away this morning so I suspect that it was the bank's problem.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the HP printer with no results. I don't have a Win 7 DVD. Win 7 came installed on this HP PC.
Anyway I don't think the problem is with the printer. I have no idea what the RUN DLL error is but it doesn't hurt anything to bypass it. The one that is really troubling to me is the HP SCAN HAS STOPPED WORKING. I get a similar message from all my email programs (MS Mail, Thunderbird) when I try to attach a file to an email. It always says that Windows will close the program. I think something is wrong with my Windows. Any Ideas??

OK, I downloaded the Windows you suggested and burned it to DVD, backed up my files, booted to the desktop and tried to reinstall Windows bu tI got an error message indicating that there was a problem with Windows and it gave me an error code of 0x583. What do I do now?


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Not sure you can do this I have never tried, but go into safe mode pressing F8 on a reboot and see if this method will work.

Unless someone else has a better idea you next option is to a destructive install.
If you PC has a recovery partition or recovery DVD's I would use that as these will include the needed drivers for your PC.

I press F8 from reboot till the desktop comes up but the damn thing won't go into safe mode. It just boots as normal. Any ideas short of a low level format and reload everything? I only have the Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit DVDthat I got from the web site you gave me. I also got a three year license for Norton but it came installed too and I have no way to reinstall it. There is also some software that I paid for but I don't have install CD for any of it.


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If you get a chance, you might think about opening an Administrative Command Prompt and running the System File Check. It may demonstrate some problem with your system files and hopefully fix them.

sfc /scannow

Is your All-in-One printer on a wireless connection? All-in-One printers may require several drivers installed for the different devices... Do you have the install media for it, or did you download that?

Do you have the folders and File the printer seems to indicate is not present? You may have to unhide files to see the AppData folder and maybe even set the folder view options to show system files.

When it comes to banking account access, be very careful. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to ask the bank.

Windows 7 used to be able to install over itself, if I remember correctly. Having the DVD in the Drive and starting the install from there may do that and be able to keep your personal information. I never had an OEM Windows 7 system, so not really sure if a downloaded DVD will work with an OEM install.

Getting the system to boot to the DVD can be a little problematic. You have to hit the key early and keep tapping it. When the message about booting to the DVD comes up, you have to be quick to hit a key for it to do that.

And of course, there may be occasions where anti-virus or firewall software can limit access to certain things and cause problems.

Sorry I haven't had time to work on this for a week but I'm back in town now.
I ran the sfc /scannow in admin mode and it came back OK. I tried to boot from the DVD, selected English,etc and tried to do a repair. Again no errors detected. I ran a memory diagnostic with the same result. I can get Windows to reinstall but it says it will wipe out my apps and they will have to be reinstalled and I'm not sure whether I have all of them. Also that does not grantee that the problems will go away.
I again tried to scan something and save it to a PDF but got the same message saying that windows was looking for a fix and would get back to me. The same thing happens when I try to attach a file to an email in either Thunderbird or MS Mail.
I did search for the file (backgroundcontainer.dll) and couldn't find it.

Is anyone familiar with this backgroundcontainer.dll and what it does?
I'm really getting frustrated not being able to save scanned PDFs or attach files to email.

BTW, the bank problem is no longer a problem. I think the error was at the bank and not my PC.

Does anyone have any ideas re my problems before I reinstall Windows 7 and try to reinstall everything? No one seems to have any ideas about the problems I'm having so I will wipe the HD and reinstall Windows 7 and other SW tomorrow. Can anyone help?

Problems resolved! I wiped the HD, reinstalled Windows and the programs I needed (Office, Adobe, Thunderbird, etc) and all is working well. The problems I had are all fixed. I'm still trying to get my old saved email back, but that's all.

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