Hyper v and right place?

Don't know if this is the right place for this, Please let me know? I never heard about Hyper v? It is my understanding is for a newer cpu but not sure, Please explain? Will it work on both of my computers, I have a laptop with Intel Core i3-350M and desktop computer with an Intel Core 2 Quad, that is what I mean
by both computers. If Hyper v won't work on both computers, any sugestions?


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there are two main systems for hypervisor use:
Hyper V & Vmware

they both need the same system which is a modern 64 bit chip and motherboard... you have the chip so assuming your motherboard can do pass-by i.e, turn on hypervisor you will be fine with both systems
1. there are other cheep ship systems around and they are not worth your time... even the free ones

2. Vmware is older than Hyper-v and that may be what you need... the main difference is what you need the systems for

Hyper -v is more up to date than Vmware [uses less Cpu and Ram] but doesn't run on older systems and importantly can't use a Gpu
Vm-ware allows for Gpu usage from the host system at the cost of more Ram & Cpu so if you need to play a game then Vm-ware is best

Hyper-v and Vmware will not play nice together i.e, having Hyper-v means you can't run Vm-ware and vis vers so do your homework before picking which one