Windows 8 I am trying to install windows 8 in VMware


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I had issues when trying to install windows 8 with VMware so make sure you have the latest version. Also Oracle VM Virtual Box works pretty well and its free.

Ralph Bromley

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I also recommend virtualbox, I tested many an OS in it.
VMware has always been a mixed bag for me, while in many ways better then virtualbox it has some set up issues.


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When the Win 8.1 preview was first released I attempted to install it in the latest version of VirtualBox but it was a no-go so I tried the free VMWare Player and it installed without a hitch. A few days later, VirtualBox released a newer version and I was then then able to install Win 8.1 preview there. The same thing happened back when the first Win 8 Customer Preview Release came out, it would install fine in VMWare Player but not VirtualBox until VB was updated.

I think VMWare does a better job of keeping up with things.

At any rate, Win 8 & 8.1 (both 32 & 64 bit) can be installed in the latest versions of either product.

Joe S

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VMware also has a very good forum. When the experts have had problems they have gotten software engineers to help on a few occasions.