I need some help please. Firstly, I am trying to get a Google shortcut on my desk top, I do not want

Non active google.png Google tool bar missing.png Non active google.png Google tool bar missing.png I am trying to get an active Google shortcut on my desk top without success. I do not want Google Chrome.

Secondly, if I open Google via IE, I cannot get the Google tool bar. Can someone please put me on the right track??

Please see the attached screen shots


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go to file top left. scroll down to Send get shotcut there


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Try this http://www.pcworld.com/article/249158/how_to_change_your_browsers_default_search_engine.html Having done this, close IE, and restart it. Left click the "magnifier glass" = "search" in the address bar, you should see Google as an option.

To have an exclusive Google Search shortcut would probably need some coding or something, perhaps a bat. file, don't know, goes beyond me.

To have direct Internet shortcuts on Desktop isn't really advisable. They may cause many troubles. I wouldn't recommend it. And besides, a Google Search shortcut won't help you, unless you have a browser running; connecting the shortcut to, say, IE would mean IE starts... we go towards reverse engineering which is a very bad thing, and illegal. Not sure about it all, but safer to stay within IE, if that's your choice for a Browser.

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