I can't see this forum/thread updating....

since I've installed windows 7 ultimate


when you make a new thread,,,or bump one... it goes to the top
well... I can't see no new threads..
I can't even find the one I created before this one... btu I see it on the front page on the right panel side,,
its crazy & I hope I make sense,
I would say other people are having this problem & possible this forum might have been dying,, well, at least its been dead to me for the past 2-3 days,,
no new threads & I've been wondering why,
I'm going back to XP & I will miss w7 for right now,

I'm back to xp,
I'm really lookin forward to go back to windows 7,

I'll still await for the official release...

Glad to hear your not completely giving up on Win 7.. ;) Consistant issues like that can make it hard to really want the product..

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