I clicked on a website link in a Yahoo search but got redirected to a blank page that tried to scan

But that did not stop them from being redirected to the blank page

Because what was being done was not a virus on your or your friends computer, it was a hijack of the page you and your friend were trying to access to re-direct you a page where a program would or could loaded on your computer to infect it or without you being aware using your computer in nefarious ways or to mine your e-mail accounts so mail could be sent out in your name.

You should really learn the difference between malware, Viruses and Trojans. Most people consider them all as a Virus they are not, you should also learn how each one is different and how they function.

Andrea Borman

Honorable Member
Well,it is obvious that the blank page, that I and other people who clicked on that web link were redirected to. Was trying to install viruses,spyware,malware or even hack into the computer. There are many different viruses,spyware,malware and computer hacks.
Malicious Software Removal Tool-MRT lists many of them that it removes.

But I not know the name of every single virus. The only thing that I and everybody else needs to understand is that you should NEVER trust any website that wants to scan your computer. In most cases those sites ARE trying to install a virus,malware, or worse on your computer.

And that is something you don't want to get onto your computer. Because if it does, not only can it wreck your computer.Whoever installs the virus can steal your email address, passwords, and personal details as well.

And then you are in trouble. Andrea Borman.

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