I have 2 problems with Windows 7!

1- On windows xp, it comes with moviemaker and you can capture from device on it, but on windows 7 it doesnt even come with it and when u download it you still cant capture from device on it. 2- I got a new laptop for college and it has windows 7 on it, but i need microsoft word to do papers and it says i need to buy it and why pay for it when it should come with it?? My problems are that why is moviemaker better in an older version of windows when it should be the other way around and why does the older versions of windows come with microsoft word and on the windows 7 you have to buy it?? the only thing about windows 7 is everything but the programs and software that come with it.

Worlds better for what you want and still simple to use.

yeah but when i went to it i seen nothing in my interest, i didnt see a moviemaker or microsoft word download so there was no point of that

Word is not part of Windows. You have to pay for it as part of Office. A free alternative is OpenOffice.

The link I sent you to is for capturing and is excellent for that. The best.

Sorry TorrentG but one more thing, when i tried downloading virtualdubmod, and extracted all the files, i tried opening it and it said "it couldnt find the file or folder corona.dll, so try and reinstall it again", but i tried it again and it said the same thing, is there something im doin wrong??

No problem. :)

Not sure since I have it as part of other software already installed. Download my attachment. Extract it to a folder. Then cut/paste the whole folder to where you want to permanently keep it. Create a shortcut on the desktop to VirtualDubMod.exe. Then click it to run.


now when i downloaded it, it downloaded it as an adobe file, and it wont let me extract it because it opens up adobe instead of a folder

ok it worked, so just to be sure, i play clan matches on the xbox 360 on a gaming website and i need to capture every game for proof so i have a dazzle dvc100, which is a capture device, with this software i can capture video from it right? and anything special like can i capture it in hd and can i upload these videos i capture from it to youtube?

Cool how you made a description of what you need.

I recommend installing the Huffy codec to capture. It is a lossless codec which is light on resources while capturing. It is pure awesome because there is absolutely no degradation in the captured file as any other codec or format would do.


Then when capturing is complete, you can encode the file to H.264 codec if you want HD using something like AutoMKV. Then you can upload to Youtube with manageable file sizes and still, very minimal quality loss. If done well, quality loss will be completely unrecognizable to the human eye.

Or you can encode to XviD codec within VirtualDubMod instead which is also very good.

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