Windows 10 I may look stupid asking this, but can you guys help me?

My pc tells me i have 43 GB available on 185, and i dont even have an app who's taking so much space, i even checked everywhere if some apps where taking a lot of space but with no results at all, what the hell is going on? can somebody help?


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There are a lot of programs that will show you 'who' is using space up. Just Google "disk space analyzer" and you'd find them. WinDirStat for instance will also show you the 'picture' representation of file sizes and makes it easy to see who are the large files and where they are.


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I'd got right to the source, WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics and get it there.

Output looks like this, should help you see the large files and where.



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You may also want to post a screenshot of your top offending locations before removing content. There are many locations you don't want to simply delete.