I need help with a proplem in windows cipher command line

I rana the windows clean up cipher command cipher /w:c and a few minutes into the run time my system went off. When I powered up my PC later my memory was hard disk memory was clogged up. Up to 85% full I I've tryed to free up the memory but nothing is happening pls I need help


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Could you maybe elaborate a bit more. I have no idea what
my memory was hard disk memory was clogged up
is, or provide a screenshot.


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I've never run this command before, so I also don't know how well it works or if it works.
Here's a link on it though: Wipe your Deleted Data Away: Using cipher.exe

Do you have a laptop or tablet that you are worried about getting stolen and that's why you are trying to hide your data? Just curious.



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It's very common with encryption utilities to mark disk space as allocated during the encryption process. For example during a full disk encryption with bitlocker your drive will appear to be almost full during this process until it finishes. There may be a system hidden "file" which is really the cipher programs way of "clearing" the unused space. I would look for a very large file and my guess is that is what cipher produced. You should be able to delete it.

Thanks but or suggestions hvnt helped. Okay it goes like this( I ran the command line cipher /w:c and as it was running, my PC's battery ran out. And the PC switched off , later that same day I powered my PC on and discovered that my hard disk memory was about 90 % full compared to 40% it was before I ran the command line again but yet my memory remain the same. still 90% full. What do I do to free up my disk memory


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I ran cipher on a test VM with the same parameters and it runs like I stated. It creates a very large file which is how it "erases" unused space. If you open explorer you should see a folder in the root of C called EFSTMPWP. Delete that folder and you should get all your hard drive space back.

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