Windows 7 I need help with themes and backgrounds

I have win 7 OEM and do not have the theme or background I liked so much in the RC . I used to have the
sea scape surrounded by folage. is there a way to import from the folders I saved and use them?

Win 7 ultimate

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go to windows explorer folder in task bar and open it. Once opened, in left pane look for computer and C: and click on it. Scroll down until you find the windows folder and open it. Then scroll down until you find the Web folder and open it. Then you should see your wall paper folder, open it and choose a folder or create a new one and then drag and drop your saved themes into that folder. Then change your background and see if your new additions are there.

Thank you for your help I have looked into the folders and found that I have writen
over the saved files by trying to start win install and it created a new windows.old and
have therefore lost the data.

is there a way to retrieve the data from the original RC ISO disk?

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You can try and to a repair of the OS from the install disc. Your windows 7 dvd, load it into the dvd drive and when it runs click on repair. This should put everything back in order for you.

Thank you bassfisher6522
I installed from an iso and am not sure of a repair function .

i am the person that needs windows to be really user friendly.
I hope that I can continue to improve with repetion .

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