I need to force IE7 on windows 7


I need to force/run IE 7 on windows 7 - I know IE 7 is not compatible with windows 7 but surely there is a way to force this to happen?

I have removed IE8 as per instructions here How to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7 (kinda) | Windows 7 Center

But now I want to install IE7 - I have downloaded IE 7 for winxp - but it wont allow me to install, saying its not supported on IE7.

I then downloaded Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google Download Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google - it got further than the above download but when I restart I cannot find it anywhere, and it doesnt seem to be able to run....

I need IE7 to test software which at this point in time has only been optimised for IE7....please help!


Install Virtual PC, then XP then you can use IE6/7 or -

IE Tester

Everything you need to read up on is here.

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thanks for the response:

1. My Toshiba notebook does not support virtualisation so Virtual PC is out.

2. IE tester is a good option, but when I need to test logging into an account on my website I am testing it does not allow a session to start...I have asked for help on their forum..

Are there any other options?

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